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The average Australian house is 186.3 metres squared (and climbing). 4 bedroom homes are also rising in popularity, though currently the most common house layout in Australia is a three bedroom home. Around 44% of all Australian homes are 3-bedrooms, while just under one in every three Australian houses has four or more bedrooms. This is a drastic increase in the popularity of 4-bedroom homes from the 90s, where 3-bedroom homes accounted for more than half of all Australian dwellings.

4 bedroom homes are the largest homes that you can still find at reasonable prices. The average cost to build a 4 bedroom home is between $2,000-$4,000 per square metre. Realistically, this puts the range anywhere between $230,000 to the low millions. There are a many factors which will impact the overall cost of buying or building a 4 bedroom home such as location, land, materials, furnishings, taxes and legal fees. For an overview of the hidden costs, see here.   Building Steel Structure

 	4 Bedroom House Plans - Top 8 Floor Plans & Design Ideas for Four Bed Homes | Architecture & Design

House plans and designs for 4 bedroom homes are very versatile. They will heavily depend on the type of building – i.e. how many stories, if it has a granny flat, bathroom numbers, the general size, land block, et cetera. A popular rule of thumb is that houses should have around 55-65 square metres of space per person. This ensures that the house will not feel too crowded and individuals can freely occupy the space.

In Australia, single story homes are the most common layout. To accommodate this, a very popular trend for four bedroom houses is to have the master bedroom on one end of the home, separated by the kitchen and living/dining room(s) from the three smaller bedrooms, which are usually grouped together at the end of a hallway. However, this is one design of many.

Choosing the right house plan for a 4-bedroom home can feel quite daunting. The abundance of choice makes sorting through possible plans a tedious and time consuming task. To help narrow down some of the best options, here is a list of the best 4 bedroom house designs and layouts in Australia tailored to each home type.

Unique 4 bedroom house plans: The best modern designs for four bedroom house plans Australia

One unique style of home design that has been gaining traction lately is the detached model. With the rise in popularity of tiny homes, people have become inspired to keep multiple mini homes on their property rather than one large house.

This allows you to have all of the privacy of a 1 bedroom or 2 bedroom house without losing the space to house guests or other family members. It is also much more affordable than rebuilding or renovating an existing home. Whether you choose a kit home, prefab home or even a shipping container home, there are numerous benefits in having multiple self-sufficient houses on your property.

If you still want the benefits of a traditional house for an affordable price, you might want to consider a kit home. Kit homes or portable buildings are a type of prefabricated buildings which arrive on the home disassembled. You will have to build the house yourself (or with the help of contractors) once the pieces arrive, but the overall cost is much lower than a traditional home. Read about the 13 best prefabricated home suppliers in Australia here.

Although double storey homes are not as popular in Australia as they are in other countries, they still have a place among the Australian design landscape. The majority of two storey homes are either 3 or four bedrooms and will situate the master bedroom upstairs on its own private floor. Read more about cheap 2 story floor plans or how to add a second story to your home.

A duplex is a residential home divided into two completely independent units. These units share a wall and nothing else. Common duplex home designs will make either side a mirror image of the other, usually with the bedrooms as far from the shared wall as possible to reduce noise pollution. Read more about duplex designs and floor plans here or purchase the above design.

Having two bathrooms is generally the standard for a four bedroom house. This is because this home design is often utilized by larger families, and sharing one bathroom between 4-6 people can get very complicated very quickly. This way inhabitants will always have access to a toilet while someone is in the shower, so no uncomfortable situations can arise. You can purchase the home design pictured above here from Prestige Kit Homes or read more about bathroom floor plans.

This classic Queenslander home is a perfect example of a simplistic yet effective 4 bedroom home design. In classic 4-bed fashion, the master bedroom is somewhat separated from the others, and the three remaining bedrooms are situated at either ends of a hallway. Purchase this plan here from Anchor homes and browse images of its completed construction.

4 bedroom, 3 bathroom homes are a little more luxurious. Generally, the third bathroom will be an ensuite attached to the master. Floor plans for the 4,923 square ft home pictured above are available here from House Plans starting at $765. Read more about bathroom and ensuite design.

Single storey houses are extremely popular in Australia. As such, 4 bedroom floor plans are easy to come by. The 4 bed, 5 bath home pictured above is one of the luxury models offered by Imagine Kit Homes which starts at just $331,650.

You can browse the floor plans on the Imagine Kit Homes website, request an instant quote, or read more about the design options for single storey homes in Australia.

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 	4 Bedroom House Plans - Top 8 Floor Plans & Design Ideas for Four Bed Homes | Architecture & Design

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