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2021-12-25 01:43:53 By : Mr. Mike Xu

The Vortex is a tension-controlled electric winch capable of towing tandem hang gliders. It moderates drum speed to maintain tow tension, for a smooth tow even in thermals, sink or wind gusts.

In addition, “The foundation is there for us to implement remote-control winch operating”, say its designers. So you could bring the portable winch to the tow field in your car boot then tow yourself up without needing anyone else to operate it.

Instinct say they will be finishing the tandem version first and will then likely make a smaller, even more portable, lighter unit for solo hang gliders and paragliders.

Pre-orders are being taken, with “hopes of spring 2022 delivery”, Instinct say. “We have flight-tested the prototype to our satisfaction but are making some alterations for the final configuration.”

The initial price for the tandem unit, excluding battery and rope, will be around €6,200.

Jochen Zeischka has filed a claim for a World ‘Speed around a 50km triangle’ hang gliding record for a flight in August 2021 at an average of 59.6km/h

The 2021 Hang Gliding World Championships have been cancelled. The competition was due to have been held in Krushevo, North Macedonia 18-30 July this year.

The FAI have confirmed that the 2021 Hang Gliding Class 1 and 5 World  Championships will go ahead in North Macedonia in July

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